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A colorful history of a wild west not so far from where we are still located today. The American homestead family.       Since 1969, the founding of The Law Firm Company still remains with the passion for "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness", not just for some, but for all. These were the victories that started The Law Firm Company.

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Since 1969

We are about legal services of the

world's best lawyers and Law Firms

who provide by safe verified

legal credentials seeking to

connect with the public through us by

the NEW Legal App.


Goals start with providing not just the best but the 

the very best (free) to the public, new

world legal directory, the national legal directory,

national lawyer directory, of all nations.

The U.S. legal directory, providing a State Legal Directory.

index of attorneys for each state, with an attorney database,

local lawyer directory, offering the best search results

for your particular legal issues.Under Construction Now,

for use in 2017. Our creation of the new USA

 attorney database, is of a new generation of attorneys

law firm list. A group of the world's best Lawyers

and safe trusted law firms. Soon you will be able to

use the Law Firm Finder ⓒ and directories here on this

site's menu items, to personally Safe Verify the law firms,

lawyers, and specializing attorneys, that we have Safe verified,

and Safe Certified, with verifiable, Legal Credentials,

and Legal Accreditation's.

We will provide you with matching State Bar Associations

license number live links to State Bars so you can find attorney

matching information about the attorneys Law schools

attended, and Disciplinary Actions if any.

We, perhaps, will provide ABA "American Bar Association"

membership links for accreditation's of extra education and

or credit hours earned for specific legal issues.

We also include our undisclosed Internet Safe, Safe Verified,

Safe Certified,  and other safe verification's, awards or

Safe Certificates awarded by InternetSafe.com


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